HF-rEFlect is a national self-learning program to measure the uptake, implementation, and knowledge of the 2020 and 2021 CCS/CHFS Heart Failure guidelines in the practice of Canadian cardiologists. The program is accredited by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society for Section 3 credits. The questions have been developed by a distinguished scientific committee chaired by Dr. Shelley Zieroth.

The estimated time of completion is 60 minutes. You may complete this program over several days or weeks. Once you begin the program, you may pause at any time and save your progress, simply by clicking Save Answers & Continue Later at top of your screen. Once ready to resume, simply log back in and click on the Start/Resume button at the center of the screen.

Once you have completed the program, you will automatically receive your certificate of completion, along with a report of your answers.

To our French speaking participants, please note that you can change the language to French by clicking the grey button located on the top header.

Good luck!